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PK/PD Animal Models & CRO Services BIOTROFIX - Premier Preclinical CRO - Stroke, Alzheimer's, ALS, TBI Research - Seth P. Finklestein, M.D., CEO PK/PD Animal Models & CRO Services Pharmacokinetics / Pharmacodynamics Studies - PK / PD
PK/PD Animal Models & CRO Services PK/PD Animal Models & CRO Services PK/PD Animal Models & CRO Services PK/PD Animal Models & CRO Services PK/PD Animal Models & CRO Services
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PK/PD Animal Models & CRO Services

Biotrofix is expert in pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) studies, especially as they involve the nervous or vascular systems. Biotrofix can administer test therapeutic agents into rodents via any route, including systemic (oral, intravenous, subcutaneous, intraperitoneal, etc.), as well as directly into the central nervous system (intraventricular, intracisternal, intrathecal, etc.). This can be done by single or repeated administration, or continuously using a subcutaneously-implanted infusion pump. Moreover, Biotrofix is capable of rapid fluid and tissue sampling, including blood, brain, CSF, spinal cord, and other tissues.

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Biotrofix is a premier preclinical contract research organization specializing in animal models of CNS, cardiac and vascular disease. With years of experience, both academic, commercial, clients throughout the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, Biotrofix delivers industry-leading preclinical CRO services, including rodent models of acute stroke and stroke recovery, preclinical CRO services for Alzheimer's Disease, transgenic animal models for ALS, as well as CRO services for brain injury, preclinical CRO services for spinal cord injury and related cardiac drug discovery and development.